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Ahhh, the old’ follow / unfollow bizzo - it’s like the stockmarket. Quick glance @ your follower count and it’s fluctuating more than the Dow Jones. So obviously as IG users, we’re subjected to the follow / unfollow 'thing'. It’s sucks AF but unfortunately it’s part of the IG eco-system. Don’t stress. Your follower count is just a number. Focus on your business and what your social media ROI is, not followers. Likes and followers don’t pay dem bills. But a call, enquiry, email, or lead might! But if you are concerned over a follower count, then having a tight knit and engaged community is muuuch better than trillions of followers who don’t engage [but kudos if you have both!] or never plan to do bizzo or buy from you. + if IG accounts are using the shady tactic of follow and then unfollow [regardless if you follow back], then you don’t need them as a follower anyhoo, as they were never going to do business with you. So, so long suckers to them 🍭 Anyhoo, if an account DOES start following you - and gasp! DOESN’T unfollow - here’s a few things to look out for to determine whether to follow back someone you don’t know: 1. How active their account is. They haven’t posted since 2017? Clearly not consistent so fahgeddabout it. 2. Their follower to following ratio. They are following the max number of accounts (7500) but they only have like 340 followers. Unmm yeah, we cool. 3. Their engagement. They got 15k followers but when they post a photo there’s only 20 likes and one comment? Something doesn’t add up.

4. Their photos. They got 856 likes on a crappy, out of focus, dark image? And they only have 2000 likes? Hmmm.... 5. Their feed. Most importantly - make sure their feed is worth following. Are they providing value or valuable info? Are they funny, real or down to earth? Do they give a glimpse in to their business, brand or self? Do they have a nice, clean feed? So many questions!

NB: I don’t really like talking about such vain rubbish #firstworldproblems BUT it’s a social media ‘thing’ and it needs to be addressed because I know it jacks people off... ✌️

Neon Moose is an Adelaide copywriter, social media manager, marketer and PR, with over 15 years of experience.

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