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Making your words work - 5 x copywriting tips

Make your words work with 5 x super quick copywriting tips to use in your writing today.

1. Make short sentences your friend.

The shorter the better in a lot of cases. Fab copy has one job: to sell. It makes its point and stops. There’s no room for fluff. It’s clear, simple, and to the point. Just like this point. LOL

And with most copy - your first line is crucial. If people don’t read it, they’re not going to read your second line either.

2. Sell the transformation of your product or service.

Don't show your product. Show your product in action.

No one cares what you can do. Everyone cares what you can do for them.

Your audience will always be thinking 'what's in it for me'. So make your copy benefit-driven. Like Apple iPods. What sounds better:

- The world’s first portable digital media player.

- 1000 songs in your pocket.

The 1000 songs right?!

Utilising benefits in copywriting means helping your audience visualise their lives improved by working with you or buying your product.

Use relatable pain points and appealing solutions to work your way into your audience’s subconscious and stay there.

And when you can use emotion - no matter what your product or service is, it's usually bought because of how the customer feels about the item, what it (or you!) will do for them and how it will make them feel.

3. Skimp on the adverbs + adjectives if you can.

They're fluffy. They're vague. They try too hard. Here’s an example of less is more.

Option 1 - Effortlessly create email lists from LinkedIn

Option 2 - Create email lists from LinkedIn.

Which sounds better? (answer: option 2, duh).

4. Get your conversation on

When writing copy, talk to one person, address them using ‘you’. It’s more like dialogue and copywriting is pretty much a conversation between your bizzo and your customer (using your TOV or tone of voice o’ course)

Write short, simple sentences using everyday words. Large walls of text are a hells-no… who has the time? Or attention span?!

Bonus point - speaking to your target market using words they understand and resonate with is crucial for building that know, like, and trust factor.

5. Calling all call to actions…

Ahhh the ol’ call to action. Don’t forget your call to actions on your promotional social media posts (you know the ones that sound super marketing-y). If you’re sending an EDM (also answers to electronic direct mail) make the journey as quick ‘n’ easy as possible for your audience. Think: ‘read more here,’ ‘book your discovery call,’ ‘get in touch,’ and ‘head to the website to find out more’.

Neon Moose is an Adelaide based creative with over 18+ years of experience in social media, marketing, PR and copywriting.


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