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WTF is Content Club?

Content Club is a fun supportive space for local business to hang out, meet others, brainstorm ideas, and create content for YOUR SOCIALS.


Every month/quarter, show up with your social media calendar, an open mind and your most pressing questions. We’ll create 1:1 content for your social media, get your questions answered (whatever the dilemma!) and develop your writing skills with the Neon Moose content coach by your side – so you can slink off with your social media content sorted!


Is this you? You:


  • Are so busy working on or in your business, you have ZERO time to post on your socials, often resulting in a half assed effort to put something up for the sake of it [ahhh! We feel you]

  • Are so close to your business, you have no idea on WTF to post or what the masses [aka your audience!] wants.

  • Often get confused about what kinda content you should be posting to get sales, sign ups or hits to website.

  • Are satisfied with your socials but know it’s time to go next level and get some profesh help from a copywriter.



Content Club will have you:


  • Walking away with a pep in your step + social media content for YOUR socials! 

  • Enjoying access to a copywriting coach – on hand to answer any questions.

  • Meeting like-minded people and expanding your network. Yay, friends!

  • Fast-tracking your success as a standout content creator.

Content Club nitty gritty

Neon Moose will be in contact with you to let you know all the juicy details like the secret meeting spot, the time and date of content club. Just FYI - block out for 1.5 hours on the given morning.


Only 6 spots available per content club meet. Oooo exclusive! 

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