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Who wants to have a chat [mentoring session] about social media [+ marketing, PR or copywriting] with me for a whole morning [three hours exact] for next to nix? 


Well you can for just $44 through Adelaide Business Hub!


Yup you’ll have a one on one meeting with me and for a 3 hour deep dive on your business, you will walk away with creative ideas, actionable social media / PR / copywriting tips, social media nouse, clarity and confidence to run your business – or at least the marketing + social side – like a pro.


But wait there’a MORE. You and your business can soak up all the: 


⚡️ social media, PR, copywriting + marketing advice.


⚡️ recommendations to immediately improve your social media + marketing performance


⚡️ help with social media strategies,  marketing strategies / plans + content plans


⚡️info so you can navigate the social media algorithms to achieve engagement and reach


⚡️ help to create inspired + creative social media posts that fit seamlessly with your business personality and meet your business objectives.


⚡️ help with video content and ephemeral content aka IG stories / Facebook Stories / IG + FB Live, SnapChat, Reels


⚡️ help with influencer marketing, cross promo, competitions + deciphering + reading social media analytics


⚡️ help with Facebook + Instagram advertising + social media reports


⚡️ help with PR + media releases


⚡️ help with copywriting + content writing + blogging + SEO writing practices


PLUS you get to attend all the business-y workhops for FREE. 


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