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An Adelaide social media marketer in Singapore.

What happens when a social media marketer lets loose in Singapore? She tries to find the most Instagram-worthy tourist attractions there is of course!


And NB: it wasn’t hard. Pretty much every attraction in ‘Singas’ (and there’s A LOT) is full of colour, creativity and a certain coolness you can only get from another country.


Here’s the skinny on Singapore’s sweet, sometimes-sweaty and sensory-overloaded sights for you to see and snap…


Day 1 – Wild, Wild Wet in Downtown East


Dive into a sea of colour with all the waterslides your thrill-seeking self can handle. Voted as the top 5th water park in Asia, Wild, Wild Wet has alllll the water fun for all ages and adventurous levels. From the heart pounding Torpedo slide to tranquilly floating along the Lazy River, this place is wild, it’s wet and it’s a really good day out for fun and photos.


Speaking of photos, with so many different waterslide colours and feature walls (we had smiley faces) get snap happy before you get drenched like a drowned rat 


IG worthy rating: Content for days. 9/10.


Day 2 –Museum of Ice Cream (Singapore)


Here’s the scoop (sorry). Honestly, this museum should really be named the Instagram Worthy Museum for all of the pink, red and ice cream-y backdrops. Over 8 fun filled rooms, this museum celebrates ice cream and a good bloody backdrop for a photo. Added bonus – your admission ticket lets you enjoy unlimited ice cream in various forms and flavours. Yahoo!


Make sure the phone is charged and you have plenty of polaroids in your camera because you won’t want to miss all the multi-sensory installations – especially their world-famous sprinkle pool!


IG worthy rating: It really is the sweetest spot on the planet for content! 11/10.



Day 3 – The National Singapore Museum for the TeamLab art ex


Okay so upon further research – there are TWO TeamLab art exhibitions and we happened to go to the basic one. Boo! Look the exhibition at the National Singapore Museum was pretty good (it is by TeamLab after all – don’t know who they are? Google them! Okay I’ll save you time – they’re a renowned international art collective) – it was just quick and probably a taster for the real deal TeamLab art ex over at the Art Science Museum.


IG worthy rating: It’s a bit dark and not super colourful but makes for some great video. Because reels are important too right? 5/10.



Day 4 – Singapore Zoo


Love animals? Love a neat nature-y backdrop? Singapore Zoo has gotchu. Whether it was the cutie elephants stomping by, the playful orangutans swinging around, or the tigers lurking in their enclosure, we had a wild time and got some equally wild photos!


Don't miss the Rainforest Kidzworld, where the vibrant colours of the playground and the adorable animal exhibits equal perfect photo opps.


IG worthy rating: Wild wildlife and sweet surroundings? 8/10.


Day 5 – Gardens By The Bay


Ahhh Gardens By The Bay, where do I start with this majestic wonderland? It’s nature meets cutting-edge design - the juxtaposition is real!


For the ultimate Instagram shot? Visit the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest – two spectacular glass conservatories showcasing a variety of flora. And make sure to wait till night-time where the mesmerising light show at the Supertree Grove kicks off. The dazzling symphony of colours against the Singapore skyline is a must-capture moment!


IG worthy rating: A botanical paradise. 10/10.


Day 6 – Universal Studios


Calling all thrill-seekers, movie buffs and photographers… Get ready for a blockbuster day at Universal Studios Singapore and then get ready to capture the magic and vibrancy of adrenaline-pumping rides, beloved movie characters and various lands, which make for a goldmine of Instagram content.


IG worthy rating: Out of this world photo opportunities. 9/10.


Day 7 – Shopping


If there’s more Gucci and PRADA stores than 7/11’s in ‘Singas’, you know the shopping is going to be EPIC.


From luxury brands on Orchard Road to eclectic finds in Haji Lane, each district offers a unique shopping experience. Which means a unique photo opp. We captured the vibrant street art in Bugis Street, the hustle and bustle of Little India, the sleek elegance of high-end boutiques on Orchard, and the quirky vibes of independent stores.


IG worthy rating: Shopping might be exy there but so many different backdrops? Priceless. 9/10.

THere you have it folks. Singapore is the perfect backdrop for your next photoshoot... clearly!


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