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4 x reasons to hire a marketer, social media manager or freelancer

4 x reasons to hire a marketer, social media manager [like Neon Moose!] or freelancer so you can have more time to work in your business… or for a well deserved holiday! ☀️🌊⛱

1. You have zilcho time: Marketing takes up a lot of time and energy. Plus, things move so fast in digital marketing that when you think you’ve gotten somewhere, algorithms and trends will move on with or without you. You may need help to implement plans and strategies, while staying on top of changes and reporting. A marketer will take care o’ alllll o’ this - and more 🙌

2. You don’t have the kitty cash: Hiring a FT marketer can be exy - facts. They need to get paid, tax, super, and a space to house them. But outsourcing your marketing to a pro? You can get the same results without the $80k + per year price tag 👌

3. You don’t have the skills. you’re amazing at what you do but algorithms still confuse you and you’re not quite sure what EDM stands for [look if the tables were turned, this lil marketer couldn’t be a hairdresser/restaurant owner, beautician, whatever you do either!] so stick to what you do best + outsource the marketing to marketing professionals. Or your socials to a social media professional 😇

4. You don’t have a plan: Plans in marketing are a must. A marketing plan or social media strategy will get your marketing on track and seeing results. Why? Because the marketing activity has direction. Business like Neon Moose [shameless plug alert!] can be your neon compass to get you started in the right direction or even take you from planning to implementation + DIY your marketing 💪… or for a well deserved holiday! ☀️🌊⛱

Neon Moose is an Adelaide based creative with over 18+ years of experience in social media, marketing, PR and copywriting.


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