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moose puff: candela latin american food

Another week, another new resturant in Adelaide. To date, we've tucked into the quinoa salad at Sean's Kitchen, tried the cannelloni at Jamie's Italian, sampled the tofu delight at Sukhumvit Soi 38 and inhaled a mini macaron at the Hello Kitty cafe.

But there's one restaurant I always go back to... and it also happens to be because I've had the pleasure of working with them since inception... Candela Latin American Restaurant [previously a mobile food vendor].

This colourfully-clad eatery [small in size but BIG on taste] incorporates a fusion of Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Cuba and Caribbean flavours, serving 100% authentic, freshly cooked homemade food.

The menu is packed with techniques, styles, family recipes and sauces, and is the result of previous owners Nela and Carlos’ culinary heritage, mixed with the spin of new owners Mijail and Oglidis.

Signature dishes include ‘arepas’ [a white corn bread pocket stuffed with various fillings like slow cooked shredded beef and spicy chicken], ‘empanadas’ [the popular stuffed pastry] and Latin sandwiches.

But the real crowd pleaser is their authentic desserts like alfajores and organic churros with Belgium chocolate or homemade Dulce de Leche [South American caramel]. They also stock drinks from Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela.

Yup, Candela’s brilliant concoction of Latin American food, drinks and desserts has turned this ‘little stall that could’ into a ‘little restaurant that can’.

candela latin amrican food.jpg

[arepa photo thanks to Adelaide Food Central]


[alfajore photo thanks to Candela]


[photo thanks to Urban Spoon]

Neon Moose executed the PR for this delicious Latin American hub, and up until recently, managed their facebook page [for a few months]. Yes I got to promote their signature El Mechado [Latin burger], enjoy delicious arepas and take home some sweet, sweet Alfajores...

See what all the hype is about and head to Candela [pronto!] @ 120 Goodwood Rd for the best Latin American treat in Adelaide.

After all, another week... another delicious dish to conquer, right?

Moose out


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