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an interview from... profitalist

That time. When Neon Moose was interviewed by Profitalist, the 'go-to source for all things business'.

That time was only about a month ago.

Editor Jenna Cosgrove chose Neon Moose, along with a bunch of other entrepreneurs/creatives/startups/business people (not sure where Neon Moose falls into the aforementioned haha!) to be interviewed for the site's Entrepreneur Insider Series. And make them all internet-famous. Enter: THE interview.

Highlights: Getting profiled. Being the interviewee (for once! Ha!). Acknowledging the amazing adri cakes for building this website you are currently on.

Not-so-highlights: Deleting my 'haha's' after a few of my answers!

If there's one thing to do today (besides pay respects for ANZAC Day) make sure you check out Profitalist. The site is hailed as a resource for entrepreneurs in management, marketing, sales, social media and more.

Okay enough waffling. You can read allllll about it here [it's a quick one so maybe hold off on the popcorn].

Moose out.


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