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an interview with... myself, neon moose.

It's been while since I've sat down to write... For myself [text messages, emails and social media updates don't count]. It's quite bizarre - in a good way! I'm so used to writing for a client, having a brief to adhere to, people to interview, stuff to research, deadlines to meet. But now it's just me, an ancient macbook and my overtired brain. Cue: blog post #1 for Neon Moose.

To kick it off, I've decided to interview myself [not narcissistic at all! haha] so bust out the popcorn, pull up a pew and read on to get the skinny on just who the eff is Neon Moose.

Just who is Neon Moose?

Neon Moose is many things. Writer/Social Media Manager/pr/Copywriter/Strategist/Marketer/Content Writer/Wannabe Wordsmith/Word Nerd AKA slashie!

What's with the name?

It's an amalgamation of my fave colour [neon pink] + my littlest pug, Moose. True story!

Tell us about your work...

My work varies. One day I'm writing a press release for an avant garde homewares label [shout out to Neon Vintage!] and the next I'm updating a status on Facebook for a food truck. In the mix, I'll write editorial for a few different magazines, radio ads and web copy. I love getting my creative on and coming up with clever copy - whether it's editorial, copy for advertising/marketing purposes [copywriting] or digital content marketing.

The Neon Moose ethos?

The Neon Moose brand is fun, playful and creative. It's really important to stand out, with both Neon Moose and my work, otherwise you get lost in the sea of all the other creatives. But really, it's not about me. It's about the client. Ensuring they're happy. Their objectives are met. They love my words, my ideas. At the end of the day, it's all about them.

Fave word and why?

Furphy - it basically means lie. It just sounds classic. Like, stop telling furphies! Haha. I just love words. I love playing with words. Making up words. Mixing words. The English language [sometimes]. Other languages. Hip hop music and the way they freestyle and rhyme words. Tres talented!

What inspires Moosey?

Other creatives! I love nattering with fellow creatives/entrepreneurs/start ups who share my vision and passion. Creativity + big ideas + possibilities excite me. Music. Fashion. Things that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The perfect juxtoposition of colours and minimalism. Instagram (yes, really). Books. How long do we have here? Ha ha.

Where to from here?

You'll just have to watch [or read] this space!

Stay tuned for future blog posts! I'll be interviewing other creatives. Sharing tips on marketing, social media and creativity. A behind the scenes peek on some of my projects. And more. There's much more!

Oh and FYI - it's much easier writing for clients than it is for yourself!

Moose out.


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