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We're all going on a...summer holiday (but your marketing shouldn't!)

We’re all going on a… summer holiday. Doesn’t mean your marketing should! Before you switch your OOO (out of office) on, here’s some marketing tips to keep your marketing consistent while you’re off bronzing at the beach PLUS some tips to take advantage of the summer holidays / quiet time in your business.

Have some fun with summer inspired marketing campaigns.

Ideally you already have your summer marketing campaigns sorted, but if not, take the quiet time (January, depending what business you’re in) to plan, plan, plan. Think summer, think nostalgia. Have a sale with 1980s prices. Also think HOT. So, when it hits 40 degrees, maybe offer 40% off all [insert product here].

Have a summer fling (read: joint promo) with a neighbouring bizzo. Pick a business that’s geographically close to you or that serves the same audience and create a combined sale / event / whatever. Or join forces on an EDM (electronic direct mail) to both off your customer lists, offering a discount to your respective audiences.

Be social media strong. Facebook released a study stating that posting to Facebook on mobile increased 26 percent during the summer. Because who isn’t at the beach scrolling through Instagram, watching Reels or peeping Facebook? Screen time will (unfortunately) go up so make sure your brand or product or bizzo is serving the right content to your audience. Need some inspo? Play on summer. If you’re holidaying in a different state, highlight something about the state that relates to your product or service. If you’re @ the beach, snap it and relate the caption back to your business somehow.

MOOSE TIP: Use this slower sales time to improve your social media presence. Reach out to influences in your niche, engage with followers, post more content. Do a reel or a few to have up your sleeve.

Whatever you do, don’t stop posting as the algorithms won’t like it. Scheduling will be your best friend. I use the Facebook-owned app Business Suite to schedule.

Create fresh content. Now’s the time to bash out a blog post or two. Publishing new content consistently on your or blog, using targeted keywords, can drive traffic to your site and convert readers into customers.

Use Facebook and Google retargeting ads.

Retargeting is a great tool that allows you to engage with visitors even after they've left your site. A few quick retargeting facts for you:

👉People need at least seven touch points with you before they commit to purchasing.

👉10 x more people click through to a retargeted ad than they do a standard ad on Facebook.

👉People who are retargeted with social media ads after visiting your website are 70% more likely to convert into paying customers.

MOOSE TIP: Chances are you’ve had a heap of traffic to your website over Christmas soooo this is where retargeting comes in ha ha handy!

Do a spring, er, summer clean. Revamp your blog or website. Update your email list and segment your list to be sure the right content is getting to the right people. Clean up your social media profiles, update your IG bio, making sure that all your information is current and your brand imaging is consistent across all online platforms.

Summer strategise sesh. Now’s the time to plan your marketing for the year ahead, book in some professional development, hire a business coach, strategise and work on your 90 day goals (more achievable that way).

MOOSE TIP: See MOOSE CAMP. marketing for you and 2022 where we’ll:

🌟 Analyse and review your past year’s marketing efforts

🌟 Create kick ass marketing goals + actionable steps for 2022

🌟 Get direction with your marketing + take it to the next level

🌟 All written in the Moose Marketing Planner template for you to conquer 2022.

Neon Moose is an Adelaide based creative with over 18+ years of experience in social media, marketing, PR and copywriting.

PIc from the talented @studioampersand -visit her amazing website here


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