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Super quick social media tip

Attn: brands + businesses. Don’t take social media shortcuts - like buying followers. Why? Because bought followers:

✖️ Are likely to be bots or inactive accounts

✖️ Won’t engage

✖️ Can mess up your performance metrics

✖️ Will never buy your product or service

✖️ Breaks Instagram’s Terms of Service

✖️ Instagram purges fake followers

We get it. It’s great to have follows and likes. But your follower count or how many people liked your photo are just ‘vanity metrics’. They might make your marketing results or account look good, but they don't have a huge amount of value.

Having a ton of shady followers or likes on a photo does not make sales / get hits to your website / build your database / whatever your business objective.

Instead focus on the long game, by building your brand organically, authentic followers inc. Do this by:

✔️ Producing good / informative / funny / educational content that people engage with, DM or save

✔️ Focussing on metrics that matter like engagement, content shares, view duration + click through rates

✔️ Showing up consistently

✔️ Engaging with your customers and replying back to all comments + DMs

✔️ Having consistent branding

✔️ Utilise IG’s various channels like Instagram Live, IGTV, Instagram Stories and Reels

Do this? And hello positive results - like real followers + engagement / hits to website / SALES + more ✌️


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