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Let’s talk about video phobia [namely Stories + Reels]…

If the thought of ‘putting yourself out there’ makes you want to crawl back under the covers and comfort-eat a whole tub of cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream, then read on.

[+ we alllll know how I felt about selfies + videos of myself! 🙈]

But here’s the thing - showing up in video on your feed, Stories or Reels - are kinda what you need to be doing if you want to be seen online.

[enter my 180 turnaround on this powerful marketing tool aka video]

+ marketing your small bizzo means marketing yo’self - even when it makes you want to reach for that tub o’ ice cream - because if you’re running an online biz + asking strangers on the internets to pay you, then you need to hit a level of trust that only comes from allowing your audience to get to know you.

Roll the tape 🎥🎥🎥

A handful of Stories or Reels. Posting a selfie. Showing the sweetest part of your workspace. After you show up just a few times you’ll start to feel more comfortable AND more importantly, you’ll start to see a response, and more engagement from your audience [and engagement is where it’s at yo!]

So here’s some tips before you press record:

🎥 Start with one video [you don’t even have to post it, just practice]

🎥 Choose a filter [I swear by this 😂]

🎥 Start with one Reel [just to see how it works. best reel length is 8 seconds BTW]

🎥 Start with one Story [it disappears in 24 hrs anyhoo!]

🎥 Start with a selfie

🎥 Be scared shitless, but DO IT. DO IT. DO IT.

And then make a habit of doing a little more each week. Because anything you commit to or practice will get better over time + you’ll be more comfy too 👌

And if that’s not enough to get you filming, here’s some stats [cos i love a stat!]:

🎥 Mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year.

🎥 Videos under two minutes long generate the most engagement.

🎥 83% of marketers say video helped them generate leads.

🎥 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound, but 60% of Instagram Stories are watched with sound.

🎥 Psychologists suggest that music can directly influence how viewers respond to your videos.

[stats from Influencer Marketing Hub]

Moral of the post? If you want to build a community / grow your brand / connect w your audience / form real relationships / ultimately make a sale… well video will do jusssst that.



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