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Let's talk about About Us pages

On your marks, get set, go 🏃‍♀️

Let’s talk about About Us pages.

Did you know - customers who view your About Us page are 5x more likely to make a purchase?

Uh huh. It’s tres-important. Your About Us page is your chance to tell a story that will help your bizzo or brand stick in your customer’s minds. And convince your customer to buy from you 💰

An About Us page [written in your brand’s tone of voice of course] should tell your web visitors what they want to know. Like:

  • Who you are

  • What matters to you / your brand’s values

  • What you do + how you do it

  • Your brand story - including when you started - where you are now

  • Your Unique Selling Points + why they should buy from you

  • Any credentials, certifications, awards

Be original, sharp and to the point. A good About Us length is around 300 - 400 words.

Here’s one I prepared earlier [much earlier!] for @doggygrub:

Welcome to Doggy Grub, everypawdy!

Adelaide’s premium house made dog food for caring pooch parents and dogs with great taste.

It’s conveniently delivered to your door; it’s nutritious (+ delicious!) and it’s formulaic according to your dogs needs.

Run by Lachlan, Candice and their four-legged friend Betty, Doggy Grub started with an overweight rescue dog (Betty), a frustration with standard ‘industrial’ pet food (all those synthetic additives and fillers!) a plan to curb Betty’s weight (via nutritious home made dog food) and one successful transformation (Betty is in great shape and full of energy!).

Since then, Doggy Grub has revolutionised dog food, one bowl at a time with its ready-made meals containing 100% fresh and human-grade ingredients, sourced in SA. Doggy Grub’s formula follows a balanced and healthy guideline, which means no fillers, no by-products and no preservatives!

Doggy Grub is backed by extensive research on pet nutrition, advice from holistic vets and most importantly – dogs!

Get your pooch on the good stuff today.

Love and pats,

Lachlan, Candice & Betty


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