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Introducing Neon Moose's NEW product - the Ultimate DIY Social Media Strategy Workbook!

Fact - a social media strategy is so beneficial if you run social media accounts for your business or brand. Why? Because a social media strategy is a framework through which to plan, prioritise, execute + measure your social media [which leads to better results because the activity has direction].

Fact #2 - social media for business is an important driver of user growth, engagement, retention and sales, but first you need a solid strategy to guide your activity across these networks.

Fact # 3 - Having a solid strategy is great for:

  • increasing brand awareness

  • Reaching your target audience

  • Driving sales

  • Organising your content + mapping out tactics to grow your socials

  • Giving you a framework to plan, prioritise, execute, measure and optimise your social media [+ make it shine!]

  • A focus for your goals and objectives

Are you sensing a theme here? Yup - it's pretty important!

Look you could pay someone to do it - like Neon Moose! - bt i'm not gunna lie - it's EXY! Next best thing? Cute: The Ultimate DIY Social Media Strategy Workbook!

This 33-page bad boy [strategy] is like a sat nav for your socials + is the golden ticket to social media and business growth.

That's 33 pages of exercises, tricks and actionable tips that you can immediately include in your social media + 16 worksheets to help you nail down all the elements of your social media strategy including:

  • Business objective and goals

  • Social media goals

  • Nailing your target market

  • Nailing your tone of voice

  • Content ideas [including 70+ captions!]

  • Content buckets

  • Content schedule [ft when and how often will you post]

  • Instagram Stories + Reels [+ what to post!

  • Tactics to grow your social media

  • Advertising plan

  • Reviewing your metrics

  • Hashtags

  • Social media checklist

  • Social media tips

This Ultimate DIY Social Media Strategy Workbook is for you if you:

  • Would like to start your social media in the best manner possible with a robust and well thought out social media strategy

  • Have established social media networks but are confused about how to get it working for you

  • Want to give your digital communications a more purposeful and strategic focus

  • Have been asked to create a social media strategy and don’t know where to start

  • Want to take your socials to the next level

Take a look here.


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