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How to cross promo like a pro [a Neon Moose marketing tip]

Firstly - WTF is cross-promotion you ask?

It’s basically buddying up with like-minded businesses or brands to increase brand awareness + drive sales.

Cross promo can also:

- help your brand’s reach if you’re on a show string marketing budget

- help you build relationships with top names in your industry.

- get you a stack o’ PR + brand mentions [without the extra kitty cash of ads etc]

So how do you buddy up with like-minded businesses to get your ”cross-promote” on and spruik each other's products and services?

⚡️ Partner with bizzos who are same, same but DIFFERENT. Seek out partners outside your main industry. EG, if you’re a bus company you could partner with shopping centres or wineries to offer cheaper / free rides for x amount of time. To find potential partnerships, ask yourself:

* What businesses target the same audience I do, but aren’t my direct competitors?

* What can I bring to the table? Do I have a special skill, product, or service I can offer in exchange for exposure?

Answer these q’s + you’ll come up with creative ideas for cross-promo.

⚡️ Run a joint competition. Call upon fellow businesses or brands that are similar to your business. Example, if you own a B+B, you might want to partner with a day spa to give away the ultimate ‘rancho relaxo’ package. Or if you’re a candle company maybe partner with a plant shop for a ‘homeware giveaway’. Create a comp where each of your partners gives away something special. Since each brand would promote the contest to their respective audiences, you’ll drive mo’ attention than doing it solo.

⚡️ Be a guest blogger or feature on a podcast.

You give them quality content for their readers or listeners, they help you grow your brand presence. Simples 👌

⚡️ Throw an industry event [virtual is fine] and call upon sponsors, speakers, and partners, who will obvs spruik it from there end too!

⚡️ Mention influencers on your blog or socials. Whatever you write about, if you can link someone in - in an organic way o’course - then try it. Chances are they might sing it from their socials [saying they’ve been featured on such and such’s blog]. Or repost a social media post to their channels.

Time to give cross promo a go ✌️


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