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10 signs you’re a creative cat

When you’re in holiday mode and you want a nice easy read [okay and when the author, ahem - me, wants a nice easy blog post to write to ease on in to the new year…]

10 signs you’re a creative cat + three cheers to my fellow creatives…

1. Your creative bizzo is about that 3/4 passion, 1/4 money life. It’s allllll about the love of getting your creative on.

2. You looove to dream. And often create happy scenarios in your head.

3. Dislikes include: being managed + likes include: being left to your own creative devices.

4. You’ll try anything once – just to try it. YOLO.

5. You’re not down with conforming. At all.

6. You can find many uses in random objects like... a toilet roll. Because, #creative.

7. Coffee, computer [for ideas + notes] and a music playlist are always high on rotation.

8. You love a good ‘location’ - working from the beach, from a cafe, from the couch - wherever it is, location = creative fuel.

9. You love to people watch - as long as it’s not from behind a bush. That’s just creepy.

10. You always seek out inspo + are down for a new bar, restaurant, movie, whatever.

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