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If it takes you 3 hours to write in a birthday card, a day to pen a social media post and months agonising over website copy, then read on for some writing tips...

1. Be yo’self

When it comes to writing, you know what’s key? Authenticity.

Because nothing turns you off more than reading something which sounds super phoney. Especially cringey call to actions like ‘sign up and learn how to make your first mill’ or ‘order in the next 10 mins or miss out’ etc.

Instead, authenticity is way more appealing. It’s also relatable. A good brand voice will have you agreeing, relating or laughing. It’ll make people want to follow/buy from you.

You always want to do business with someone you like/relate to/is authentic, right?

2. Be unique

With so much content out there all sounding the same-same-but-different, it starts to get a bit snoozefest-y.

So, stand out by being unique and approach the topic (whatever it is) from a different angle.

Take Frank Body or Go To skincare. Their messaging, social media, website and packaging is PRIMO. It’s fun, unique and different. While there are so many skin care and exfoliators out there, these kids stand out with their clever words.

Don’t be afraid to go against the norm. You just might stand out!

3. Give good head…line!

Whether it’s an EDM, a press release or your website landing page, make sure the headline is catchy. Most of the time, the headline will grab people’s attention and make you want to read more.

They’ll also increase click-through rates, engagement and make reads more interesting.

For example there’s this headline: “How to make coffee” or THIS: “18 unbelievable ways you can make coffee today”.

Which one sounds more enticing? Give me the 18 ways, of course!

4. Target yo’ target market

Know your target market / core audience. Know who they are, what they do, their age, sex and where they hang. Know everything about them. Then the copy across all marketing materials (website, social media etc) should reflect and talk to your demo.

5. Connect.

Connect with your reader. Identify their pain points and address how YOUR brand can help. Tell a story. Provide value. They’ll be saying ‘shut up and take my money’ before you know it.

6. Avoid the fluff

Working in radio, I had to create 60 second ads which meant about 80 words. Which also meant culling the fluff. You’ll be surprised at how little you can say but still manage to get your point across. Good words get to the point. Post-haste!

Sure, there’s a place for long form copy but in this internet age our attention spans resemble an ant so and try cull unnecessary words.

There you have it. A few pointers to implement the next time you write a blog / social media content / copywriting / website. Or you can hire Neon Moose for all your word-y needs.

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