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He loves food, never misses an opportunity to try a new eatery and takes a mean photo. We're talking about Lee Lam from one of Adelaide's most notorious food blogs - Adelaide Food Central. Neon Moose caught up with Lee to talk about all things food...

Tell us about the premise of Adelaide Food Central? Adelaide Food Central is a journal of my own personal experiences for all the eateries and bars that I have visited over the last couple of years. Due to the sheer number of reviews, it's become more of a repository for places to eat in Adelaide. What inspired you to start the website? For as long as I can remember, eating out has always been one of my favourite past times, particularly when catching up with friends. Because I ate out so much, friends wanted to hear about my own thoughts and experiences, and it was only natural that I start a food blog. Who is your target reader? The website is popular amongst outgoing individuals who want to work out which restaurant they want to next visit. It also caters for people who just want to find out what a particular place is like. Tell us about what makes Adelaide Food Central stand out. One point of difference is the photography. Apart from eating out, I'm really passionate about food photography and take pride in the photos that I take. There are also over a 1000 eateries reviewed which is a lot more than coverage than other websites targeting the Adelaide food scene.

What are the three most important things we should know? 1. Adelaide Food Central is currently the number one food blog in the world as ranked by Urbanspoon. 2. Adelaide Food central is an online publication that has been deemed to have national significance and the website has been archived by the State Library of South Australia. 3. Photos from Adelaide Food Central appear in the 2015/2016 Adelaide Edition of the Entertainment Book. How do you fuel your creativity? Food blogging is a part of me that I want to share with the world. I'm so passionate about it that it all comes effortlessly. It's also provided me with opportunities that I would never have thought possible. Best advice you have received to go out on your own / become an entrepreneur? Do what you're passionate about and don't look back on life with regret. Do you have any tips for readers so they can start their own creative process - whether it's a business/website/blog? 1. Make sure the name hasn't been used either as a domain or across various social media platforms. 2. Work out what your point of difference is and how you're going to attract followers. What’s the next big thing coming for Adelaide Food Central? I've recently taken on a contributor and the team is steadily expanding. There are a few directions that the blog can head but I'm currently assesssing what's best. All will be revealed later. Place you could eat at every night? Caffe Paparazzi. I absolutely love their clean eating menu and there are so many great dishes to choose from. If I'm feeling naughty, I can easily grab one of their delicious pizzas.

Last place you ate at? Andre's Cucina and Polenta Bar. It's so hard to find places that are consistently good, but this place consistently ticks all the boxes.

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