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moose puff: neon moose x caffe paparazzi blogger dinner

When Caffe Paparazzi's clean eating menu landed, there was only one thing left to do - throw a food blogger dinner. And so, Neon Moose did just that.

Having sampled the fabulous menu [think bliss balls, smoothies, buckwheat pankcakes, veggies - lots of delicious veggies! - salads, slices and more] at the equally fabulous launch a while back, it was time to throw it over to the foodie jury... Adelaide's finest foodie bloggers.

And so, on Thur April 16, 20+ bloggers rallied together to get their clean eat on at the infamous Paparazzi.

You can thank the dynamic team effort of Dr Andrea Robertson, Osteopath + owner of Xtend Barre x Caffe Paparazzi's fabulous owner Mirella Morizzi-Tambakis for the new menu [sans preservatives, gluten, processed sugar or cow's dairy, of course], a menu which has proven popular among punters - and now bloggers - alike.

I enjoyed the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Chicken - a mega size dish consisting of chicken served on a bed of brown rice and topped with bok choy with spices, tomatoes and goats yoghurt in between.

'Banoffee Parfait' [banana, cashews, dates, arrowroot, vanilla and walnuts] was up next which was a delicious prequel to the dessert tasting plate - which featured bliss balls [yumbo!], Triple Choc Swirl Cashew, Cheesecake, Lime and Kiwi Cashew Cheesecake [definite winner!], Paleo Florentine Spiders and more all presented on a board, beautifully.

[side note: Mirella, along with Marie from The Stylist Loves made sure EVERYTHING - from the name cards and napkins to the presentation and perfection-ness - was riddled with style, finesse and flair]

The verdict? With food flying around, cameras snapping away and good vibes permeating the air it was unanimous - we were all drunk on the clean eats of this brilliant new menu.

// See the menu deliciousness here

// Images thanks to this is radelaide

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