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moose yaks: an organised life

It was in late 2013 when New Zealander Beck Wadworth had a desire to create luxurious yet functional stationery for the everyday life. And so stationery and lifestyle brand An Organised Life was born.

Move over Kikki K, this graphic designer offers a beautifully curated selection of minimalistic black and white notebooks, to-do list notebooks, diaries, a travel journal as well as recently introduced limited edition letter press prints.

Neon Moose [a sucker for stationery!] rounded up Beck to chat about all things stationery...

How did you get into stationery? I have always been a very organised person, but have never been able to find the right stationery to fit my fast paced life. When I moved to Sydney, I decided to create a diary that had both style & function - that was when An Organised Life was born. From there I have slowly added more products to the collection that help organise my life including Notebooks (I use these daily), A Travel Journal (to help plan my mother/daughter trip to the Greek Islands last year) and Letter Press Prints (to dress up my apartment).

Tell us about An Organised Life. I want An Organised Life to be a stationery and lifestyle destination for young fashion forward women who need that wee bit of organisation in their fast paced but exciting lives.

Why do you do what you do? Where do I start!? I love how it makes my life feel complete. I write everything down - my goals, appointments, dates my bills are due, creative thoughts, everything! And I wouldn't have it any other way. For example, on the weekend I write a huge list of everything I want to achieve - from emails, and designing to coffee dates and relaxing in front of a movie. When it gets to Sunday evening, I love being able to tick off everything I have achieved! I do the same with my goals for the year - personal goals and business goals - there is nothing more satisfying than making a goal or a dream a reality - and to physically tick that box off. It’s so satisfying!

One thing you love about stationery? It organises my life - literally!

Best piece of advice you’ve received in building your business? Take your time and learn from your mistakes

What does creativity mean to you? I love being creative! It’s an outlet to express you and your personality. I used to feel super nerdy and boring for being so organised and loving stationery, but now that I am in my mid twenties, I have learnt to embrace it! It’s what keeps my life together and motivates me to be the best I can. Everyone is different and there is no right or wrong when it comes to being creative.

Advice to aspiring creative out there? Embrace your individuality, and never follow the crowd

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