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moose musings: neon moose on nereeda network

For those of you that came in late... Or missed it last week... I was lucky enough to be featured on The Nereeda Network. Read on for a snippet of my interview...

[sidenote: was a nice change being interviewed for once instead of being the interviewer! But I think I'll stick to the one asking the questions - much easier that way! haha]

What does your version of success look like? For me, success equals happiness. It’s the little wins in life that all add up to the big picture. It’s doing what you love and loving what you do, it’s winning a new client, it’s finishing a successful marketing campaign… it’s even making that perfect cup of coffee… smashing out a gym session or buying a sweet pair of sneakers.

What is the best piece of advice you can give to those who are afraid to follow their gut, or who may not know how to follow their gut? Just do it. Easier said than done, I know. But whatever it is that you want to do – book a holiday, start a business, ask someone out – life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Enough said.

Favourite inspirational or motivational quote? My best inspirational quote would have to be by fashion blogger Garance Dore – “I just do things that I love. I’m very bad at doing things I don’t love”. I can totally relate to this haha!

Does your work feel like work? If by ‘work’ you mean ‘fun’, then yes! Haha. I love my Moose ‘work’ (and fun) probably because everything Neon Moose offers – whether it’s copywriting, social media, marketing or PR – is exactly what I love doing. Working with fun businesses – from restaurants, fashion and even the opera, helps! At the risk of sounding cliche, when you get paid to do what you love – that’s not work at all.

When have you felt your most courageous? When I’m doing my bicep curls in pump class – you should try it, you feel gangster haha. In all seriousness, courageousness is pressing ‘send’ on a piece of copy you have whipped up, either for a client or magazine. You are basically putting yourself out there for clients/public to critique your work! Cue: creative paranoia. Haha.

What book are you reading at the moment? It’s not a book – it’s a magazine. Renegade Collective, a great rag (read: Bible) for the entrepreneur, creative, game changer and style maker (yes Neon Moose is an ambassador for it so shameless plug alert!).

Can you name a time when you made a change that lead to a significant turning point in your life? It was a change that was made for me (actually for half of our creative department) – being made redundant from my job as copywriter in radio. In one of those freaky deaky ‘meant to be’ life sequences, this was the catalyst for Neon Moose (a few months later). I think if the redundancy didn’t happen, I’d probably still be at the radio station (I loved that job) sans Neon Moose!

Moose out

B x

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