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moose musings: four brill books

Wanna know what's on the NM shelf?

Books about broads and business of course! Here's a brief summary of each tome:

Beyone; Running The World by Anna Pointer

Who runs the world? Beyoncé does! This is a real treat and an in-depth book for the real true fans of the “All The Single Ladies” singer. Going right to the start of an incredibly shy six year old, Running The World takes you through the life of Beyonce. Fast forward to now, and not only has the singer sold 75 million albums, but she’s the fashion, actress and producer icon of now. Her full story discusses being born and bread in Houston, and the development of Destiny’s Child. This book is up-to-date as can be, and provides an intimate close up of her professional and personal life with rapper husband Jay-Z. Followed by the role as a beautiful young mother to daughter Blue Ivy, and the hidden heartbreaks she encountered as being a new mum. Finding out the true and real “Queen Bey” is all within this incredibly well written biography. There’s a little bit of Halo in all of us.

Daring & Disruptive: Unleashing the Entrepreneur by Lisa Messenger

Our all-time favourite publisher and editor-in-chief of Collective magazine is back! Following the best seller ‘Life & Love’, Lisa Messenger is sitting on our bed side tables with her latest edition about unleashing the entrepreneur within! Bringing the personal stories of growing a business and the struggle of what can happen; Messenger brings the important news and valuable insight to the world of entrepreneurship. Dreaming of becoming the next big game changer, but not sure you can take the effort and work on? This book will help you make the right decisions and know what type of message you’re getting across to the world.

#Girlboss by Sophia Amuruso

Release you’re inner #girlboss, just don’t forget to hashtag. Growing up in San Franciso with very little money, Sophia had an idea that turned into every girl’s dream job. Selling used clothing on Ebay under the title “Nasty Gal”, inspired by the one and only Betty Davis, Sophia created nothing from something, and the brand and shop was made. Starting at just a simple $8, the shop was becoming well known through Myspace, and by 2008, Nastygal had moved to its own .com - which is where the big things started to happen. Nastygal moved to LA, along with new staff, new clothes, and a design label that was the greatest thing to be wearing on the streets of Hollywood Boulevard. This all wasn’t just a walk in the park - and detailed down to the nearest Salvos and bagels from a dumpster - Sophia tells us that it’s hard work that is completely worth it.

Not That Kind Of Girl by Lena Dunham

New York’s Times Best Seller and creator of HBO’s ‘Girls’ Lena Dunham takes us for a walk on the wild wide in “Not That Kind Of Girl”. In an era where the twenty something is the new dominant age, Lena tells us what’s in, what’s not, what to wear, what to eat and the most important thing – learning about how to be yourself and not giving a damn what other people think. Through a series of essays and stories, she shares with us true story that we can relate to. From dead-end jobs to extremely toxic men, we’ve all been there, and share a laugh or two about the intelligent writing that is not only engaging, but deeply personal. It’s a bit like reading that old journal you had hidden away in the closet.

Penned by Kate Parker.

Moose out


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