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moose musings: 10 fun facts about neon moose

Did you know I can't stand capital letters? And that I am really particular about fonts?

I am also pretty anal when it comes to posting on social media [the post has to read well - or I won't post it at all]. While we're on the subject of oversharing, here are 10 more weird and wonderful facts about Neon Moose...

1. Identity

The brains behind Neon Moose is Belinda Bracale, 34 year old word nerd from Adelaide, South Australia. Neon Moose is my freelance social media / marketing / copywriting / PR business. My 9-5 job? Marketing Executive at Crowne Plaza Adelaide.

2. Experience

I've worked with words, media and creativity for over 10 years - starting with freelancing/working at Rip it Up + Attitude magazine, copywriting for Hit 107 [that artist formerly known as SAFM] and Triple M as well as freelancing for various publications including Frankie magazine, Rundle Mall magazine, Adelaide Dining and most recently Renegade Collective.

3. Hanging w Beyonce

... And it was the worst two minutes of my life. I was so intimidated by her beauty that all I could muster was a small squeak 'hello'. We shook hands and moved on. What I really wanted to do? Give her a big hug [pash?] and tell [okay, yell] her that she's my fave biddy ever.

4. Getting my Italy on

When I was 14 years old, my family uprooted us to Italy. The nerve of them, right?! For one year I had the pleasure of immersing myself in the Italian culture - learning the Italian language, riding a scooter and soaking up them siestas [and let's not talk about them arincinis!].

5. Uhb-sessions

Anyone that knows me knows I have an unhealthy obsession with sneakers and pugs. I have 2 of the lil varmints, Jigga + Moose, who also act as my furry muses. They are hellishly cute. But they also hellishly reeeeek [eek]. Other obesessions include music [hip hop / funk], fashion [sportsluxe / high low trend anyone?] and typography/packaging.

6. Uh-noy-ing

It's not all rainbows and bunnies at NM HQ. I have a few pet hates too - spreadsheets confuse me [excel can go to hell - chant three times], stopping for petrol annoys me, rude people shit me and spiders scare me.

7. Catching feelings

But back to the rainbows and bunnies! There's no better feeling than walking out of the gym after smashing out a pump or RPM class. Nothing. Besides laughing with your besties. Or Saturday morning sleep ins. And devouring a pack of cheese and onion chips.

8. Motto o the mo'

I love the sayings: 'create the things you wish existed' + 'i just do the things I love - I'm very bad at doing things I don't love'. My motto in life is, 'I'll try anything once.' Which is probably why I've been roped into skydiving and forced into shark diving. Two words: fun times.

9. My first... business venture

My first foray into business was when I was about 16 - I created homemade greeting cards and sold them for $2 a piece. The venture lasted for oh, about 2 seconds BUT STILL... I loved creating and selling.

10. Award life.

Voted person most likey to... live a creative/corporate double life! JK. I got awarded the X factor award in 2012 from Radio School. Something about knowing my strengths + how to stand out from the crowd...

b graff high res.JPG

There you have it. Hopefully I din' bore you too much or come across as narcissistic [but it's good for SEO + business, you see] and you feel a lil more closer to Moosey... Anyhoo. I gotta bounce... wash my skunk-like dawgs!

Moose out


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