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moose musings: WTF is copywriting

Copywriter. Whenever I utter that word I am greeted with glazes. Blank stares. Confused looks. You can just hear them thinking ‘WTF?’.

‘Them’ is anyone who is confused by what a copywriter actually does. Which then leads 'me' to launch into my elevator pitch... 'you know, writing for websites… writing brochures, social media posts – anywhere that requires advertising/marketing words...' blah blah blah.

More blank stares.

Okay so let’s rephrase that.

A copywriter is someone who writes copy (words) for the purpose of advertising or marketing. And these words are meant to persuade you to take action on whatever the call to action is.

EDMs (electronic direct mail), radio ads, web copy, social media posts and even some blog posts are all considered copywriting. Although let it be known some social media and blog posts also fall under the ‘content writing’ category [as its purpose is not ultimately promotional] but that’s another story.

Here are some examples of copywriting that Adelaide copywriter Neon Moose prepared earlier:

And a few ‘about us’ sections:

And a few facebook accounts:

... And of course, I'll be happy to [copy]write your website/facebook/flyer too!

Moose out


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