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moose musings: twas the friday blog post before xmas

Christmas. Is. Here. #duh [but HURRUH].

It's not all pressies, family fueds and turkey tiredness [thanks tryptophane]. It's also a time to reflect, be grateful [I should take this time to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone for supporting Neon Moose, all the wonderful clients and the magnificent mooseketeers Adri, Melissa and Maryanne]... and announce Neon Moose's latest creative collab, this time with fashion powerhouse Frank and Lola [see what I did there?].

You'll have to stay tuned until next year when the collab goes live, but hint hint it has something to do with fashion #doubleduh.

Until then, eat, drink and be merry!

Here's cheers to a sweet Xmas, sweeter New Year's Eve and sweetest 2015. If anyone needs me, I'll be at the beach.

Merry Moosemas!

Moose out

B x

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