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moose yaks: shannon o'neill

In an ongoing effort to profile creatives from around the globe, this week's Moose Yaks sees us chatting to half painter, half amazing Shannon O'Neill about her equally amazing artwork.


How did you get into painting? I have always loved art, painting, creating and photography ever since I was small. My dad had a dark room and we started with a pin hole camera made out of a box, we also exposed leaves directly onto photographic paper, which created the most amazing patterns. I really got serious about art in year 12 and decided to pursue a career in design. I have been a graphic/web designer professionally for 15 years and have painted and drawn in my spare time. I love design as it is a form of problem solving for a client by visually communicating a message. Whereas my art is expressing my own point of view, you can see glimpses of my design coming through in my art.

Why do you do what you do? Simply because I love it! Creating anything, whether it's a painting, illustration, captured image (photography), sculpture, clay, stain glass, woodwork or jewellery, it just makes me happy.

Do you have a day job or is this your full time job? Yes I have a day job, I work as a graphic/web designer 2 days a week and am a mother of two [Lily 3 and Jake 1].

How do you balance it? I'm lucky I have a job in the field of design as I am able to express myself creatively while working, I care for my two young children on the other days, and work on my artwork at night as relaxation. You could say I am a tad busy, but I have a supportive husband, I wont lie it does get hectic at times!

Fave subject to paint/draw? I love to draw and paint girls, flowers, abstracts. I also love incorporating pattern and exploring colour combinations.


What inspires you? This may sound basic, but everything, I might see colours on a piece of fabric or a pattern on a wall which will spark many ideas. My brain never stops! I have about 50 paintings in my head ready to go.

What does creativity mean to you? Expression of originality.

Where can we find a Shannon O’Neill piece? You can currently purchase online at or you can meet me and discuss my art at one of the markets I have booked this festive season. You can also find my work at 'Have you met charlie', TFS the furniture studio, 'The mexican shop' and Booie & Ben, with more being added soon!

Next year I am registered as a visual artist for the Adelaide Fringe 2015 and I'm having a POP-UP style gallery in Rundle Mall, where I will have originals and prints for sale.


Find out how to win this amazing art print by jumping to the @neonmoose instagram page.

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