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moose musings: #CSE2014

The sales landscape has changed. We’ve said goodbye to the stereotypical ‘70s used car sales man. And the free set of steak knives have been packed away.

Instead, we’ve welcomed a wave of sales organisations/teams who have been trained as trusted industry experts and embraced new sales tactics which ‘describe the benefits, not the product’ and ‘focus on listening, not talking’. And a whole bunch of other fab sales methods.

Then there are organisations like The Centre of Sales Excellence (CSE). Recently coming onboard as a Neon Moose client, these Australian sales specialists constantly seek out the latest trends, technology, research, and sales practices that are fresh and cutting edge to the sales industry.

And CSE is on a mission – to help ‘sales’ become a legitimate, highly respected profession + for Australian sales organisations to reflect these best practices – starting with the CSE2014 Australia’s Sales Leadership & Excellence Summit on October 23 and 24.

Two action packed days. 11+ guest speakers. 16+ valuable sessions - if you’re an Executive GM, CSO, CMO, VP of Sales, Sales Director or National Sales Manager, you won't want to miss this brilliant two day conference.

Steak knives not included.

See the #CSE2014 brochure here.

See the world class agenda here.

Buy tickets here.

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