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moose puff: [a]maiz and mezcal

Attention all foodies! The other day I was lucky enough to try the best ice cream situation... Enter ice cream in a tortilla shell, dusted with cinammon and agava and drizled with mezcal. One word: de-freaking-licious.

2014-09-20 20.22.14-1.jpg

Oh, yeah, I said business meeting - a Maiz and Mezcal business meeting. Which is quite frankly, how e v e r y business meeting should roll!

We were road testing the delicious dishes from the #revolutionmenu to present to the 20+ Adelaide bloggers + media dinner on Wed Sep 24. Which meant I got to try mouth-watering Mexican morsels like:

Deep fried avocado fingers with fresh coriander + lime yogurt dip <Moose's personal fave>

Baja fish fillet - grilled Barramundi fillet, marinated in unique coriander pesto. Topped with fresh jalapeno chilies and accompanied by hand cut crispy potatoes sprinkled with Spanish paprika & mushroom in a Mexican corn basket.

Beef Sandal (Huarache) - made from masa (soft hand-made corn dough) rolled flat, topped with char grilled prime steak strips, grilled fresh green chillies and onion, accompanied with a Mexican corn basket filled with fried beans and Morita salsa.

Mexican baskets - handmade deep fried tortilla baskets filled with fresh guacamole, creamy chipotle, mushrooms and fried beans, topped with cheese and accompanied with hand cut paprika chips.

And other winners like the Pulled Pork Sliders (pork marinated in achiote, Yucatan pickled onion, habanero chilli and smoky morita salsa), one of Mexico's most iconic dishes - the Mole (pronounced mole-lay) - chicken marinating in a rich, dark and smooth sauce (mole) comprising of over 30 ingredients including CHOCOLATE and the Classic Flan - coconut flan with Cajeta (Goat's milk caramel) dusted with chocolate powder.

2014-09-20 20.22.53.jpg

And it wouldn't have been a Maiz and Mezcal experience without their amazing (ah-maiz-ing?) margaritas and mezcal (booze made from the agave plant)!

Fast forward to Wednesday and the bloggers, and media (and myself - again!) got to try all of the above and more. Pretty sure I'm still full from two days ago + pretty sure everyone who was in attendance had a Mexican Mariachi band dancing on their tongues <yes, like that BBQ shapes commerical!>

Anyhoo if you're still reading this and haven't had a Maiz and Mezcal feast yet - then back away from the computer, get in your car and head to 405 Magill Rd. Your stomach will thank you for it.

Now - what are you waiting for?! GO!

Moose out

B x

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