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moose musings: encounters with a rich gurl

Hands up who loves fashion? Two hands if it's on sale.

Thought so. Everyone looooves a bargain!

That accomplished feeling you get when you lay eyes on a piece of clothing, glance at the price tag and are delightfully surprised when it's been marked down [only $250 reduced from $389? Well in that case...] Cue the mental justifications of why you MUST HAVE dem boots [it's winter! I haven't bought black boots this season! These have a different heel to my other nine pairs! It will go amazingly with that dress i never wear!]. Sold. Bonus points if it's reduced even further at the counter!

So getting back to 'everyone loves a bargain'.

If you're one of them [the girl that goes gaga for fashion, the girl that loves snagging a dress for next to nix] then now's a good time to let you know about Rich Gurl.

Rich Gurl is a fashion oasis boasting 'Chic brands. Amazing labels. On sale. Daily.' I wrote that tagline. I also wrote the Rich Gurl 'about us' section:

Enter the world of Rich Gurl.

She’s the girl that gets excited over fashion – and more so when it’s on sale.

She’s the girl that loves to mix it up with designer brands and generic labels.

She’s the girl obsessed with online shopping.

She’s Rich Gurl.

Born out of the idea of finding amazing clothes at an equally amazing price, Rich Gurl is THE place to be for a fashion sale.

And by place we mean user friendly website.

Updated twice a day, clothing is carefully handpicked by a fashionista who trawls the latest sales from the best online stores like Nasty Gal, The Iconic, Revolve Clothing and more. Think Alexander Wang under $100. Jeffrey Campbell discounted. Mink Pink on sale. Lovers + Lemons for cheap.

And with the site’s price filter you can shop within your budget, so finding the perfect party dress for next to nix or a pair of shoes with a huge savings is easy peasy.

That’s right, it’s the sales of all sales. In one place.

But there’s no elbowing, lineups or waiting for change rooms at this sale. Just a fab mix of mid to high end labels and popular brands, clothes, shoes, accessories and bags – all slapped with a nice price.

Just the way Rich Gurl likes it. Because really, we all wanna be rich.

And like the brains behind Rich Gurl says, “We want to help people find outfits and trends at amazing price points. We use the big retailers because they stock the high demand brands and have lots of stock so sales happen frequently. We don't necessarily see sales as 'old clothes that no one wants' but mainly high turn over of stock - so you can still find lots of on trend items on sale. We want to be there to help the consumer - If someone only has $40 to spend on an outfit, we want to help them find an awesome outfit at the price because we know it can be done.”

Hallelujah and three cheers for Rich Gurl.

Moose out.


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