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moose yaks: neon vintage

Edgy homewares? Tick. Colour? Yes. A touch of avant garde? Sure. These are just a few ways to describe Neon Vintage, the lust have homewares label heralded by creative savant Kirsten Millbank. Neon Moose sat down with Kirsten to get the skinny on the label that’s ‘dedicated to the style deviants’.

“It’s also dedicated to the brave and the keen eyes of this world,” Kirsten tells us. “It combines dynamic, swag design, a passion for ethical products and an aim to always deliver unique, bold and edgy homewares and voila - you get the lure of neon vintage.”

It was in 2012 when Kirsten started crafting a juxtposition of addictively modern and quintessentially avant-garde pieces. Think bold and bright cushions boasting unique designs, coloured macramé and custom vintage chairs mostly inspired by fashion, art and music, along with vivid tribal cultures and vintage 80's textiles.

“There’s definitely a bold, bright and edgy vibe going on,” Kirsten admits. "But I’m an ‘80s gal so I was always into Ken Done as a kid with the bright bold quilt covers and curtains and I was always wanting to change the colour of my bedroom walls, picking colours from all the beautiful paint swatches. I think this is where my LOVE of colour comes from.... I’m blaming it all on Ken!“ she laughs.

In the two years, Neon Vintage has garnered the likes of Mister Zimi, various features on homewares blogs and magazines and has even scored a star stockist in Canada. Plus there’s the collabs with international artists like Ashley Goldberg (USA), Jennifer Sanchez (NY) and Sarah Bagshaw (UK) for her latest range Love Zambesi.

“I love creating textiles from the work of talented artists and turning them into dynamic avant-garde products. It is so good to throw ideas and patterns around with fellow creatives that happen to live on the other side of the world! And being able to engage on the influences that surround their environment.”

As Neon Vintage turns her creative hands to designing skateboards, linen throws, tablecloths and more cushion collabs there's only one more question left to pose:

Breaking all the rules in homeware trends? Most definitely.

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