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moose musings: collective magazine

Found! One x entrepreneurs bible aka the Renegade Collective magazine [or 'the Collective' as it's fondly known] aka a magical magazine dedicated to the 'game changers, rule breakers, thought leaders and style makers'. 176 pages dotted with inspirational stories, interviews, profiles and tips. aka:

I discovered the Collective through the lovely Neon Vintage, who mailed me a copy along with one of her amazing cushions. A few pages deep and I was hooked. Fast forward a couple of issues and the magazine compelled me to do something I have never done before. Write a letter to the editor, gushing like a 12 year old teenager at a One Direction concert:

"Just dropping you a quick line to say I.FREAKING.LOVE.YOUR.MAGAZINE. A fellow creative got me onto it two issues ago and I was hooked with not only the first issue but first page. True story!

So of course I religiously schlepped to the newsagents yesterday to get issue #9. [I haven’t bee-lined to a newsagency so eagerly since smashhits was on sale and I needed to line my room with more Stephen Dorf posters]. And of course I love it.

Anyhoo keep up the great [read: freaking amazing] work and hopefully one day I can grace the pages with my work + be an inspiration like each and every single page [okay besides the ads!] are to me.

PS: and then there’s your instagram! I can’t stop #regramming you ha!"

Gush gush gush. I didn't expect a reply because they would be inundated with gushy fan mail [guilty!]. But no. The Editor [the lovely Lisa Messenger] replied. Which only fuelled my love for this magazine even more! She even forwarded my email to the Online Digital Manager who then emailed me asking if she could post my email on their facebook. And they did. A few email exchanges later and I am proud to announce that Neon Moose is now a certified Collective Brand Ambassador [slash gushing groupie].

So. First order of business as Collective Brand Ambassador: urging you all to head to your nearest newsagent and pick up a copy. Today. Go on. Stop reading my Moose Musings and bounce on over - now!

Moose out


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