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moose musings: marketing, google style.

Trust google to facilitate a brilliant marketing event ‘think branding’, featuring the latest + greatest in marketing + branding trends, along with 'an opportunity to learn and be inspired by industry experts, Google leadership, and fellow brand marketers'.

The best bit? Keynote speaker Tom Fishburne who dished some great gems. You can read the article here or skim over the highlights:

- Word of mouth is the most powerful way to spread brands. Our ultimate goal as marketers is to get to these “I’ll have what she’s having” moments. Word of mouth is more powerful than all of the traditional marketing vehicles combined.

- Just because we tell consumers what our brands stand for doesn’t mean they listen to us.

- Today’s marketing is all about moments that matter: Some of these happen online. Some of these happen offline. You can’t manage every one with command-and-control communication. It’s a two-way world. Media is fragmented. There is an infinite number of potential touch points for your brands.

Over to you. Think of some of your fave brands - how did they engage you? What did you like about it? Which brands do this well?

Any brand that has a kick ass marketing strategy with an objective to engage the consumer in a creative, unique and sometimes-obscure-but-fun way is a winner in Neon Moose's eyes because as Fishburne stated, 'the best marketing doesn’t even feel like marketing'.

Moose out.


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