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10 x easy steps to prepare for an online launch

Fact - launching a product online takes a lot of work!

Create a strategy, develop your tactics, launch your product. Sounds simple huh? Weeeeelll, unless you work in marketing (and even then, there’s a lot of work!) it takes a lot of work. And time. And effort.

But we're here for it. And for you! With our tips + steps to note before launching your e-book / app / shop opening / downloadable / business / whatever!

Firstly - get yourself the Moose Plan Launch Book! It’s a 22-page step by step guide on how to launch and what you should be doing for the pre launch, launch and post launch phases - both online and offline!

There's 8 x worksheets for you to fill out and plan so you have the clarity and confidence that your product / e-book / online course / app / shop or eatery opening./ service / whatever it is! will make a REAL SPLASH and get those sign ups / sales / brand awareness.

And then…

Step #1: Start with a strategy and define your goals (increase brand awareness, improve brand perception, drive sign ups and sales).

Step #2: Nail your timeline (If you’re launching a physical product instead of a digital product or service, you may need to give yourself even more time to account for product photoshoots, influencer gifting, events, and video production) example: ·

Day 0-7: Pre-launch hype

Day 8: Launch day

Day 9-13: Post-launch follow-up

Day 14-30: Integrating your new product into your regular content schedule, or planning additional activations to keep up the momentum

Step #3: Work out your content. This one’s a biggie! There’s be lots of content you’ll need to pump out. I’d suggest doing a content marketing strategy too.

Step #4: Decide on your creative direction

Step #5: work out online + offline Activations / marketing

Step #7: Create your campaign Aassets

Step #9: Launch your campaign

Step #10: Track and measure your social media success

Good luck planning your launch!

Neon Moose is an Adelaide based creative with over 18+ years of experience in social media, marketing, PR and copywriting.


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