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hi, human <marketing>

Apparently 2019 is the year of humanising your brand. Yup, there’s a biiiig ol’ push to be more human online, namely, social media. Human to human marketing they call it.

What does this mean?

For starters, it means showing your face behind your business or brand <or as I like to call it ‘Plug Yo Mug’>. At the risk of sounding like a 20-something selfie addict <I’m far from it!> – make sure you show your face as much as possible <gah!> or even filming yourself talking on IG Stories <double gah!>.

It means allowing people to peep some BTS of what goes down in your business or brand. Let your ideal clients in to your world. Post about your employees or family. Or what you are working on. A new product line.

It means being up close and personable. Relatable. Building trust with your target market. Posting topics of interest or adding value.

Most importantly? It means interacting <we’ve all heard the adage ‘it’s not called social media for nothing!> aka liking, commenting <apparently 3 words or more is good for the ol’ algorithm> and engaging with your followers on social media.

Because guess what? Nobody likes to buy from a company... people buy from people. So make like a human and embrace human to human marketing <especially in such a tech + digi heavy world>.

PS: oh and in the spirit of human to human marketing? That's an image of me, B aka Neon Moose.

Neon Moose is an Adelaide based creative with over 15+ years experience in social media, marketing, copywriting and PR.

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