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Neon Moose's 11 digital marketing gems

Chances are, you probably missed Neon Moose’s social media / digital tips + tricks posts across Instagram and Facebook.

It's cool. I don't blame you, I blame algorithms!

So to make sure you get another gander, I've compiled 11 digital marketing gems that you can use to get your digital and socials sorted! Algorithms not inc...


In a world where everyone is pro instagram, I’ve recently found myself selling in the benefits of Facebook to clients [who only seem interested in IG ATM].

Um, when did Facebook become Instagram’s rejected big brother?

This calls for some stats!

- Facebook is STILL the most popular social media platform

- 2.07 billion monthly active users kinda popular.

- 94% of social networkers have a Facebook profile

- 5 new profiles are created every second

- 4.75 billion pieces of content shared daily

- Facebook is used by at least 90% across all gender, age and location segments [hello broader demo!] while Instagram appeals to 70% or more of the under 30s.

The takeaway? Don’t miss the opp to promote your business on Facebook!


Pinterest is, er, pinteresting. I know I bang on about FB + IG but Pinterest is another sweet social media platform to use / consider.

What’s so pinteresting about it?

- It’s a different beast to the usual social media players (instagram / facebook / twitter / snapchat). It’s more of a search engine.

- When your ideal client hops on Pinterest, they are mostly typing in questions, topics, and pins of what they are after.

- Users also pop on to Pinterest to get inspired, peruse and curate. THEN, they discover things along the way that they are [p]interested in.

Make sure your keywords, descriptions and hashtags are bang on to help people find your pins … and click through to your site. Pinterest drives more traffic to shopping sites than any other social media platform.

Happy pinning!


Think Facebook Stories are floundering? Think again.

However - Facebook Stories is one social media avenue that is not overcrowded - yet! - which makes it the perfect opp for your bizzo to be one of the few to pop up on top of facebook’s layout.

TIP - If you are already using Instagram Stories, you can push your Instagram Stories to go to Facebook Stories too.


When it comes to writing, you know what’s key on IG + FB? [actually anywhere like blogs etc too]

Authenticity. Because nothing turns you off more than reading something which sounds super phoney.

Especially cringey call to actions like ‘sign up and learn how to make your first mill’ or ‘order in the next 10 mins or miss out’ etc. Or bots doing the [phoney + automated] talking. This equals automatic shutdown [well it does for me]. Adios amigos and your phoneyness.

Instead, authenticity is wayyy more appealing. It’s also relatable. A good brand voice will have you agreeing, relating or laughing.

So along w these writing methods [which do have a place up any copy/writer’s sleeve]:

- AIDA - Attention, Interest, Desire + Action

- RITE - Relevant, Interesting, Timely + Entertaining

- KiSS - Keep It Simple Stupid

There should also be this acronym:

- YOU - Your Own Uber-authentic-brand-voice

Yup, an authentic brand voice is tres-importante across all your branding + marketing + writing. It’ll make people wanna follow/buy from you - because you always wanna do business with someone you like/relate to/is authentic, right? WRITE.


If you’re stuck with social media content, Adelaide copywriter Neon Moose has gotchu. Here’s some content ideas for the week:

  1. Give your audience a BTS peek at your biz

  2. Post a picture of your product or what you are working on

  3. Tell your audience about a win or something positive that happened

  4. Tell them something interesting you learned

  5. Post a quote or a meme that relates bk to you or your biz

Happy posting!


So I did a webinar. And here are three awesome key takeaways for brands and bizzo’s:

- Shopping behaviours - “Shopping behaviours is changing from a world where consumers go to stores to get products, to one where products come to consumers.” - Ted Rubin Co-Founder, Prevailing Path

- Gen Z - “The Significance of Gen Z. As Gen Zers enter the workforce, their buying power will increase. As such, their habits will affect social media trends since they’re grown up with social media + critically influenced by it. Brands will have to monitor and strategise accordingly to accommodate.” - Debbie Miller President, Social Hospitality

- Social media shift - “I see social media shifting from a one-to-many platform to a 1:1 or one-to-few platform. This is evident in the decline of organic reach, the rise of messaging apps, and the expectations of consumers. Social media is a place to engage, less so a place to promote.” Kevan Lee, Director of Marketing, Buffer

Just a few things to think about when it comes to marketing in 2018 – and beyond!


In 25 words or less: Instagram influencers can be an awesome tool for your brand to expand reach and promote products <bonus: It also grows your social media presence>.

So which influencer is better for your biz - macro with a LOT of followers [10k + followers] or micro with a small tight knit following [between 1k - 10k followers?

Macro influencers - engagement may be lower (5% to 25% engagement) but they can reach up to 10 x more people resulting in more exposure for your brand. They are also well known in their field - e.g. food blogger / fashion blogger / lifestyle influencer etc.

Micro-influencers - they may have less reach but make up for it in engaged audiences (25% - 50% engagement) - which means more influence over their followers / community. They are also affordable / free in exchange for product / food / whatever.

Conclusion? Both have an important place! Neon Moose works with a lot of food / fashion / lifestyle influencers + bloggers so holler if you need an influencer marketing campaign.


‘Hastags are amplification of your content’ - Gary Vee.

They also play an important part of the Instagram ecosystem; serving as one of the easiest ways to find content tailored to your interests - and for others to discover your content.

Furthermore this lil symbol can build your community, increase your engagement, and grow your followers.

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, so try using all 30 - as it’s 30 different inner channels for your post to be seen. Try niche hashtags - specific and relevant to your image. If you use popular #’s come, your image will be pushed to the bottom super quick.


Up your IG Stories game. It’s mid 2018 [basically] + Instagram Stories should now be part of your social media strategy. If not, then make it one! This [fun] extension of your Instagram is great for extra content but also: - Tracking - if you have over 10k followers you can tag and link your stories with the ‘swipe up’ function - awesome for increasing sales, generating leads and gaining traffic - Engagement - Polls are a fun [and smart] way to engage [survey] your followers in real time. Plus, it doubles as ‘market research’ for your brand or product - a great learning opportunity for your biz. - Discoverability - using location and hashtag stickers will get your story shown in searches of the aforementioned which equals a great way to gain new followers. Some quick tips when adding to you IG Stories: - Shoot vertically - filming in portrait mode makes it easer for people to watch your story without turning their phone around. - Plan your content - now that you can upload stories older than 24 hours, you can plan ahead to produce quality content - Aesthetics - try and match your IG Story colours to your IG feed so people recognise it’s your brand as soon as they see your video!


A look in @ LinkedIn - this professional social network is more than perusing for jobs or uploading resumes. Instead it’s full of informative articles (100,000 new articles published every week), content and networking opps. It’s also another avenue to promote your brand or bizzo’s content / happenings, with a chance to reach new audiences - that might not hang on your usual online social spots. A quick run down of LinkedIn’s user demographics: - LinkedIn has cracked 500M members - 56% of users are male + 44% are female - 13 % of millennials (15 to 34-year-olds) use LinkedIn. Don’t overlook LinkedIn - it could be a big opportunity / social avenue for brands/bizzo’s/you. ✌️


Okay kids. It’s time to talk aesthetics on social media [spoiler alert - a clean, cohesive feed is tres-importante if you have a bizzo]. Let’s start with images. Newsflash - instagram is all about them visuals [and killer content to back it up, of course!]. When people click on a profile, they see the first 9 squares – aka your brand’s ethos. The aesthetics will probs make them stay and play [read: follow] or pounce and bounce. Yup, a clean, cohesive look is pretty important if you have a brand, business or product. Not only does it help your business stand out, it highlights your brand’s attitude too. And peeps do judge a book [read: business] by its instagram feed so make sure you’ve got sweet images backing up your sweet content - the two go together like Nutella and a spoon. Peeps often ask about my IG + FB images and/or weigh in on the look + feel. As a service based biz, I don’t have many images of my own so I pilfer - and credit! - from pinterest, google or other like-minded accounts. I do try and upload a mix of my own [questionable] photography too. Once I have a few images in the ol’ image bank, I use the @plannthat app. it helps ‘plann’ my images for visual appeal + conceptual cohesion. Ooo. Ahhh. So, over to you - are your images bold and colourful? Dreamy and ethereal? Monochromatic? Are you going for a consistent pattern of posts? [ie quote, photo, product, quote, photo, product]. What’s the mood you’re trying to convey? Nail your account concept and away you post.

Some ideas to help you get a fresh AF IG feed [hint: consistency is key]: - Choose 3 - 5 colours and roll out these colours across your IG tiles, making sure the colours you have chosen feature in each photo. - Mix up the photos, quotes, whatever but try not to make your feed to ‘busy’ and if it is busy make sure all photos work nicely next to each other. - Pick a filter and use that for every post. - Play with the colour tool in instagram to get the right shadows / highlights. - Use an app like Plann, VSCO or A Color Story. Happy Gramming!

Want more social media marketing gems? Email me at or follow my Instagram account or Facebook account.

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