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[gin] and tonic

I have spirits on my brain. Maybe because it's the festive season. Maybe because I'm a mum. Either way, I'll drink to that. [told you].

I especially started salivating when Essential Beauty sent me skincare products - named Tonic - to road test. My thought process when opening the Tonics package went a lil something like: Tonic, hey? Gin and Tonic? Vodka and Tonic? Wouldn't that be nice. Do we have mixers?

But back to Tonic skin care. Made in Australia from 100% natural extracts, the red-packaged beauty line contains cleansers, serums and creams which promote anti-ageing, detoxifying and hydration.

Seemed like the perfect elixir for your face! I scored a cleanser and moisturiser which I couldn't wait to try. Lord knows my poor face needed some beauty product love! Instantly, my current generic brand cleanser was demoted to the back of the beauty cabinet and Tonic displayed proudly front, row and centre.

Later that night, I slapped on the Tonic Clarifying Foaming Cleanser, an ultra-mild gel cleansing action that removed makeup and impurities. It cleansed without stripping my skin. and left the skin so fresh, so clean. Must be good, as my skin doesn't get along with a lot of beauty brands.

Basking in the softness [you know when you can't stop touching your face?] I backed it up with the Tonic Vita Day Glow Purify moisturiser. Hello super absorption! My face drank that up like a thirsty Schoolie. Apparently it improves the skin’s texture and controls the production of sebum and protects the skin from free radical damage. Sounds good to me! Sounded good to my face too.

I used these bad boys for a few weeks and they didn't disappoint. My skin glowed like my daughter's night light and was as soft as her derrière. Wow, this Tonic was tops. I also noticed it kept the 'shines' at bay. Tres-importante for immature [read: teenager-esque] skin like mine [even though I left my teens about 15 years ago!].

Other products in the range includes the Tonic Microfoliant+, a velvety exfoliant with enough gentle cleansing and hydrating oils; as well as a Soft Focus Eye Cream and the Advanced Acne Blemish Cream.

Wonder if the eye cream helps with the elimination of dark circles? If yes, then I'll take two.

Tis the season after all.

Head to to peep the entire range.

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