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essentially essential.

The house is a mess. Your hair is so frightening it needs its own background check. All you can think about is 7pm wine time. And you’re about 350 hours behind in sleep… [helloooo motherhood] – well there’s only one thing that can fix that – a facial!

Not just any facial. An Essential Beauty facial.

So when my client [er, Essential Beauty] sent me a gift voucher for a treatment, I happily accepted [I couldn’t make that appointment quick enough].

Of course I opted for a facial. Duh! Post pregnancy my skin has regressed right back to my 16 yo pimply teenage self. Enter oily, uneven skin dotted with a few [thousand] pimples. Anyhoo – lucky Essential Beauty has 6 facial treatments to choose from [including one for men!]. I chose the antioxidant facial –

“Every day your skin is exposed to environmental stresses such as pollution, smoke and damaging free radicals. This stimulating facial is designed to combat these ageing stresses and is suitable for both sensitive and dry skin. Potent and effective antioxidants will rejuvenate and revitalise, leaving your skin feeling smooth, firm and radiant.”

- the copy on the website had me hooked! I was basically sold at ‘combat these ageing stresses’. [and boy have i aged!]

I schlepped into Essential Beauty Marion on a Thursday night, eager [see: gagging] for my facial. The staff were brilliant. I was accommodated straight away and before I knew it, I was on a table making small talk and getting what was left of the day's make up removed.

Happy to report that Essential Beauty use all asap products. Yes! My face loved this. The next few steps went a little something like this: asap daily facial cleanser was applied [bliss!], followed by asap AHA / BHA exfoliating treatment mask - and a head massage [double bliss!] finished with the asap daily exfoliating facial scrub [bliss, bliss, bliss!]. I was then slapped with all different kinds of lotions and potions [namely asap super C serum, asap super A serum, asap soothing gel and asap advanced hydrating moisturiser] and sent on my way. Not really. But I can’t remember the rest as I floated out of there [with a silky smooth face might I add] so I’ll just leave this review right here.

But I will say one thing – if you’re someone that likes to be pampered [and if not, you need to take a good hard look at yourself], then it’s essential [sorry] you treat yourself to a facial from Essential Beauty.

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