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moose musings - google it. just google it.

God bless google. This week I'ma bore you about the power of google + online shopping.

It all began the other day when I was in David Jones. I was aimlessly wandering around in the hope of finding the Holy Grail [aka a dress I actually liked] when I laid eyes on it. I knew immediately - this dress was 'the one'. The one worthy of a purchase!

You see, it doesn't happen very often [call me fussy or just someone with ridiclously expensive taste which prohibits me from the purchase of many dresses] so I was elated to have found this Camilla and Marc badboy - a tight white knitted number that I could pair with flats or sneakers. Bingo! + just my style!

I swiped it off the rack as if it was Boxing Day sales and checked two things simultaneously - my size + the price. Found my size but also found a very rude shock - the price. My heart deflated. $289 bones! Daaaaaaamn. It was good quality and it was Camilla and Marc... but still, I couldn't justify spending almost $300 bones on a dress. Could I?

Enter the justification jury: It was my baby shower so it's a special occassion! Nothing fits me atm and this did! This saves me hours of more shopping [I gave up that sport in my mid 20s - now it's all about online shopping]! I'm due for something new! It is a sweet dress!

Damn Jury lost in the end. I calmly [read: begrudgingly] put the dress back and fled [dramatic much?] DJs somewhat disheartened.

But it was one of those articles of clothing I couldn't get out of my mind. It was all I could think about. So I did what anyone would do [or maybe it was just me] and turned to google.

I googled the style of the dress in hope that I could just buy it online and be done with it. Out of my head. Finito. But what happened next was even better. I found the dress... for $80 cheaper! Thanks Surfstitch! And in a more awesome turn of events... If I signed up to their newsletter I'd get a further $20 off!

A flurry of credit cards, newsletter sign ups and purchasing the dress ensued. Please to report I got the dress at $189. Delievered to me the next day. Win win and WIN!

I said it before and I'll say it again. God bless google. And online shopping.

[But not my shopping addiction eek]

Anyhoo - moral of the story, kids? Never settled for the price in a giant retailer... Because there's always the same thing cheaper online. And that's a fact.

Moose out


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