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moose puff: the neon moose intern

That's riiiiight - Neon Moose has an intern. Her name is Kate Parker and she's 21 years old. She loves working with and around creatives, and is looking to expand her experiences within the copywriting/writing area - so where better to start than NM HQ ;)

Big warm welcome to KP! [who so sweetly gave NM a warm welcome with a sweet bunch o flowers!].

photo 2.jpg

To celebrate her internship, we put Kate under the NM spotlight to answer a few quick q's...

My name is... Kate But people call me... Cake. Whenever someone says Cake it sounds like Kate. Just don't say that you're baking a cake around me.

I couldn't live without... my phone. It's either attached my right hand or stuck to my left/right ear.

I think creativity is... throwing your imagination, ideas out into the deep end and taking a risk, even when others think they're not so great. And when I'm not being creative, you'll catch me... at the soccer! GO ADELAIDE UNITED! But don't you dare tell me... that we're out of peanut butter Because I'll probably... cry and turn into the Hulk My fave thing to do is... binge watch episodes of Parks and Recreation Or... binge play GTA 5 Oh and my skills are... designing, writing, social networking, and photoshopping And being able to recognise a song within the first 7 seconds of it being played But my secret talent is... well if I tell you, then it's not a secret! (making purring sounds with my tongue) You also probably didn't know this but... I've had a dog think I was a tree and pee on me. Three things that are important to me would be... 1. Family, friends, my boyfriend, and my cat. 2. Health and fitness

3. I know this isn't Miss World, but I'll have to go with World Peace.

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