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moose yaks: locofilms

South American born, Adelaide residing videographer Carlos Benitez's motto is: 'life is short, if you have a good idea, try it before it's too late.'

So that's exactly what he's done with his exciting new venture Locofilms.

Neon Moose sat down for a quick chat with the man that has turned his sights on videography, 'the good idea' he's tackling...

Tell us about Locofilms. Locofilms is a video production company specialising in websites and social media. We offer promotional and corporate videos, creative services, videomarketing, music clips and documentaries. Our aim is to create an emotional connection with the audience through an effective visual communication.

Where did the name Locofilms come from? Locofilms comes from the word locomotion, the art of moving from place to place. I liked the name because I thought it was strongly related to the motion of images, etc. What first drew you into videography? I believe I am a storyteller since I born. At Uni I had the experience of making a couple of short films. I learnt a bit about camera and editing and with a background in advertising I decided one day to explore the world of filming doing music clips, documentaries and videomarketing. Why do you film? Because I love to see stories through the lens of my camera. It's the best way to express myself and to explore new ways of visual communication. What do you think makes a great video? A great story. Fave subject to film? Music clips. I love to experiment with music. How would you describe your videography style? My style is versatile. I can make a dark video clip and a funny commercial or a serious documentary. I like to break the rules in the good way of course. What does creativity mean to you? Creativity is about finding smart solutions. Creativity means to be alive hearing and watching what´s happening in our world. Taking references and putting ideas together to achieve something great. Your fave videographer and how did they influence your work? One of my favourites is David Fincher, he is the film director of Fight Club and Seven among others. He influenced my work with his unique style of camera movements. I believe videographers and photographers could learn a lot watching his films. What would you be doing if you weren't a videographer? Maybe I'd be a writer or photographer. I like storytelling because it brings out emotions in people. Best thing about entrepreneurship? The best thing is that you are independent. It's a risk that any person should take to grow as professional and as human being. It's amazing all the things you can learn from being entrepreneur.

Check out Locofilms' work here + Carlos' blog here.

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