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moose yaks: melissa lyn photography

This week we chat to Melissa Lyn of Melissa Lyn Photography fame (and Neon Moose's preferred photography supplier) about all things, er, photography.

What first drew you into photography?

In my early years I played the piano, saxophone, danced pretty much tried everything but nothing really stuck. It wasn’t until my early teens I really started to play around with the camera (of course it was film back in those days). I did quite a bit of traveling in my late teens and I’d say that’s probably when I really discovered my passion for the camera. I can remember how excited I used to get picking up a roll of film and would never make it out of the store without tearing open the package and looking through all my photos. The suspense of not really knowing what I had captured until the film was developed really drew me to photography. It was all such a mystery until I picked it up and then so thrilling looking through what I had captured. A little different with the world of digital today but I think this excitement is what continues to take me back to my little old film camera.

Why do you take photos?

I find it fascinating that I am able to capture a moment and make it stand still even though life around it continues. I guess I find some sense of freedom behind the camera. I am able to create an entire story with only a few clicks on the camera. I love wondering around and just getting lost in my work. Hours pass by without even noticing.

What do you think makes a great photograph?

Being able to capture emotion. This may sound simple but actually is quite a skill. I love nothing better than taking a photo and years later looking back at it and feeling as though I am literally still standing in that very moment.

when you’re shooting the photo - how much is freestyle v planned?

Hmmm... 80/20. I would say most of work is very natural/freestyle however there is certainly an element of planning that goes into every shot. For me personally that planned element is probably more subconscious than conscious but it is there.

Fave subject to snap?

It may sound strange but at the moment I am going through a phase of capturing doors. I am drawn to the unknown that hides behind them.

How would you describe your photography style?

Journalistic. I love standing behind the camera when no one knows I am there.

My personal work follows lines, colours, textures and shapes. Behind the camera I see lines and without even noticing I am consistently mapping out lines and capturing them in creative ways. I guess one would say I have a very formalistic style when it comes to my personal style.

What does creativity mean to you?

Endless possibilities, imagination, freedom to explore.

Your fave photographer and how did they influence your work?

Well I would have to say my Mom (Kathleen Peltomaa Lewis). I come from a very artistic family and have grown up around the influence of art. My mother is a painter however dabbles in a bit of everything. Growing up I always tried to draw/paint and follow in her footsteps (my sister and brother have quite the artistic eye as well) and just could never seem to create any thing worthwhile. It wasn’t until my early teens when I started playing around with film that I found my artistic flare.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a photographer?

Hmmm perhaps I'd own a little cafe tucked away in the beautiful rocky mountains in Canada.

Check her amazing work here.

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