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moose yaks: queen b tea

This week Neon Moose busts out the bickies for a chat with the queen from Queen B Tea, Brittany Carruthers-Clements.

Smoothies, exercise gear and beach bods flood Instagram feeds <#cleanliving, #fitspo>. Bee pollen and kale are still having a moment<s>. Entire blogs are dedicated to the raw food movement. Motivational quotes like ‘hustle’ and ‘one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day’ pop off regularly in the social media sphere. Yes, the whole health and wellness phenomena has really blown up in the past couple of years. Adding to that health buzz is Melbourne based company Queen B Tea, purveyors of weight management and wellness revolution.

"I think the push for wellness, health and fitness on social media is amazing. It motivates me personally everyday to get moving!” starts Brittany.

It’s this exact same wellness, health and fitness passion that spurred her to pursue Queen B Tea. Tired of buzzwords, fitness fads and quick fixes Brittany took a leap of faith and turned her business acumen to tea, despite a university degree in accounting and marketing,

“After noticing a gap in the market when it came to natural and herbal health remedies, I decided to launch Queen B. I had to risk not following what my head had always taught me and what I had a degree in, and instead to follow my heart.”

Queen B's instantaneous success <The B-Tox Tea sold over 10,000 times and the range of natural and organic tea, coffee and hot cocoa all promoting herbal solutions is a certified hit> probably boils down to Brittany's strong desire to inform others about choosing natural organic products that benefits health.

“My strategy from the beginning has been to educate people on the health benefits of natural remedies. My philospohy is: if it comes from a plant, eat it. If it’s made in a plant, don’t. I am very lucky that so many people believed in the product as I did!”

The popular Queen B Tea range includes Acai Berry Coffee, Guilt-Free Hot Cacao and the bestselling Beauty Queen Tea – Complexion Cleanse. All products are filled with super foods and antioxidants, and Brittany boasts a few other draw cards too.

“Our tea is completely natural and some are also completely organic. Each blend's ingredients are specifically chosen to aid in a particular health benefit. Our tea aids in all sorts of health issues including: weight loss, skin revival, menopause, period pain, and restful sleep. And you can actually feel the product working after drinking it!”

It's true. After just months in the market, B-Tox Tea drinkers have been known to flood the site with testimonials and before-and-after shots, with typical results at 2-3kg weight loss from the 7 day program and 5-6kg weight loss from the 14 day program. Brittany also admits to losing 5kgs in just 4 weeks from her Queen B weight management products, but claims the Guilt-Free Hot Chocolate as her fave.

“My all-time craving and favourite food is chocolate - this is what inspired the launch of our Guilt-Free Hot Chocolate which aids in eliminating sweet cravings.”

Apart from all her intoxicating tea flavours, the real perk to this Queen B’s job is watching her product ‘change peoples lives and make people happy’ - while contributing to the social media wellness buzz, of course.

“I love it. Queen B adds to the push for health by motivating woman particularly to become the best version of themselves.”

And just like Queen B Tea's instagram post from a few weeks ago stated, 'yeah baby she's got it'.

She sure does. All hail Queen B here.

To win a Queen B pack containing the Princess & The Tea: Restful Sleep // Green Coffee // Acai Berry Coffee // Guilt Free Hot Cacao <total value = $68.00> head on over to the @neonmoose instagram and repost the image with the hashtags #queenbofficial #neonmoose and tag @neonmoose + @queenb_official

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