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The Ultimate Social Media Checklist gives you step by step actions on what exactly

you / your business should be doing on social media:


Daily ✔️

Weekly ✔️

Monthly ✔️

Quarterly ✔️

+ details the exact tasks you should be doing on instagram + facebook AND comes with it's very own content calendar!


It’ll get your social media more organised than a Marie Kondo wardrobe + in more shape than a Sam Wood’s PT sesh. Your social media accounts will thank you for it!


Here’s a snippet of what you should be doing on Facebook:


1️⃣ Answer all inquiries via private message (save time with the Response Saved feature) ❏

2️⃣ Check Facebook statistics to find out which Facebook content gets more favorable reactions from the public, then create content around high performing posts ❏

3️⃣ Include Call to Actions in your posts and clickable links [to website, blog etc] ❏

And much more 👌


Grab your copy now!


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