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moose musings: social media 101

It's no secret social media marketing is a smart investment - and most businesses benefit from its powers.

If you have a product, service, anything that needs some public attention - then social media is a good (and often cheap) form of content marketing.

However, there's more to social media than posting a status update! Here are Neon Moose's top 10 tips:


In every field, there are experts who influence the marketplace. Find them and open up a line of communication. For instance, if you own and operate a construction company, go online to find top builders, architects, city planners and leaders. Join the conversation via hashtag and follows, adding relevant bits when possible. Within a few months of expanding your circle of influence, you will be seen as a leader in the industry.


Rather than attempt the jack-of-all-trades approach, show off your specialty. Keep the focus constantly on the service or product offered by your business and your expertise on the subject.


A lot of hype surrounds the number of followers a particular account may or may not have. While it is important to have followers on Social Media, it's ultimately about quality of followers over quantity of followers. 1 or 2 thousand followers who actually read and share posts are better than 10 or 12 thousand that connected once to never glance at your page again. Spam accounts exist in order to up the number of followers but spam accounts do nothing to help your marketing. Ignore any ad or promise to 'click here for 10,000 followers.'


It's time to concentrate on your followers that start the compounding effect by liking and sharing. Followers who share and comment do so because the content is excellent. Very few people like and share something they don't truly like or find helpful in some way. The result of compounding means your content, thus your brand and business name, will be seen on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, personal blogs and more.


Online marketing success requires building relationships online. If you wouldn't ignore a contact, customer or colleague on the golf course, don't ignore them on social media. If someone specifically reaches out to you with a comment or question - positive or negative - acknowledge and reply.


The internet is a very fluid medium for communication. It's easy to be lulled into a post and run habit. But stick around following new content going live. It's likely some people will respond almost instantly. It's the beginning of the conversation that is key, so stay online and be accessible for a few minutes following new content going live.


Social media is just that - social. And a two way street - so make sure you like, share and reply to others social media accounts if you want them to do the same.


If you spend all your time on the internet doing nothing but promoting your products and services, people will tune out. Yes, keep the focus but put top value on the relationships you're building. Post other interesting images and content related to your business. People don't go to social media to be hit over the head with marketing - so try and post relatable content that people enjoy.


Although it can happen, it's rare that any marketing plan works overnight. Patience, patience, patience! Commit to the long haul and watch for steady uphill results rather than a sudden leap to the top. In the long run, a steady incline of popularity is going to last longer than a flash in the pan.


A good marketing plan consists of a few different avenues to compliment your social media. Whether it's PR, radio, print, online, flyers, posters or blogs - a social media plan will always excel when it's backed with other forms of marketing.


When it comes to facebook, it always pays to boost your post occassionally (especially if you have an important announcement). Why? Because the organic reach is declining at a rapid rate - this means only 3 - 6% of all your facebook fans can see your status update. You can read more about facebook organic reach here.

No go forth and get your social media on - or come and see Neon Moose for all your social media-y needs!

Moose out


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