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moose musings: holidaze + mooseketeers

So I went on holiday to Port Elliot, South Australia last month, and all I got was this lousy blog post.

[and maybe pocketed a few KGs too].

Oh I also came back:

- With an appreciation for fast wi-fi [the 3G wi-fi down south is a bit wi-ffy]

- A disgust for hot chips [actually o.d'd on the greasy lil suckers - see point about KGs]

- A bit browner [#yesssss]

- Satsifed with my beach efforts [hello long days marinating in the sun with a magazine!]

- To my two fur babies Jigga and Moose [missed the lil varmints]

- Another year older [34 - EEK!]

- Planning my next holiday [cough cough Christmas!]

- And [drumroll please...] two Mooseketeers.

Yup - Neon Moose is proud to partner with the best illustrator and designer around - Adri Cakes. She built and designed this awesome website and [if you ask nicely] she'll build and design a cost effective website for your business too! As well as create flyers, brochures, logos and much more with her tres-creative hand and designer-y skills.

+ Melissa Lyn Photography - the sweetest photographer this side of the, er, camera! She captures commerical, weddings, parties, anything... with a keen eye. So if your business needs a happy snap or two - Mel's your girl.

Welcome Adri Cakes + Melissa Lyn Photography to the Moose stables!

[enter an elephant parade, marching band and red carpet]

If you need anything designed or photographed please email and I'll be happy to chat to you about [ok handball] any of your design + photography needs.

Moose out

B x

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